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Making Leather Last a Lifetime

Posted by Malia on

When you have a favorite pair of leather boots you want to make sure that they are well taken care of so that you can hold onto them forever. Below we have outlined some great ideas to keep your shoes looking brand new!

1. First thing’s first, you’ve gotta have an all season protector. Apply to your new shoes before your first wear to seriously extend their life. This protects from just about everything, and can even be used on rain gear, hats or jackets and is safe to use on ‘Dry Clean Only’ products. The best investment!

2. Look into a boot tree to help them maintain their shape and keep them off your closet floor.

3. Give them a rest. We know when you love a pair of new shoes it is hard to stay out of them, but letting your shoes   rest will keep them dry from perspiration and looking good longer. 

4. Always let your shoes dry out at room temperature on their own. Do not try to help the drying process!

5. Moisturize your leather every few months to keep your shoes healthy for the long haul. 

Hope this has helped! Let us know what you think or what other great tips you have for shoe care.