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How to Clean Suede

Posted by Malia on

After you pay the money for a nice new pair of suede shoes the last thing you want to do is get them stained and not be able to clean the shoes. Don't worry we have a solutions for you! Here are some easy steps to clean your suede shoes.

First DO NOT use water. This can ruin the shoes and we will be unable to help you at that point!

Walmart actually sells a suede cleaning kit for under $4 and we feel as though this is a helpful tool to use. 

If you don't want to get the kit a standard scrub brush will work or a nail brush just make sure both are dry. 

Now we are ready to start! Lightly scrub the stains to lift them off of the material. Brush in one direction.

 Now go back and scrub a little harder you can now scrub back and forth to get the really ground in dirt. 

If you have stains that are really are to get out of the shoe then you can use the eraser from the kit to grab all the extra dirt. It will be a dirty process so don't wear anything nice and maybe lay something down so that you have an easy clean-up.

 If you did not purchase the kit you can use plain white vinegar on a washcloth to rub away the tough stains. 

Let the item dry and then use the brush and a clean washcloth one more time to finish up. 

To prevent your shoes from stains again we suggest you look into a suede protector that you can put on the shoes to save them from stains and water.

Let us know what you think!

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