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How to Care for Winter Boots

Posted by Malia on

Today we are going to tackle the tough issue of how to clean and care for your winter boots. Winter is just a bad combination of any shoes and can be especially hard on leather. When you spend your hard earned money on shoes we want them to last so we have some basic tips to help make them last as long as possible!

First you will want to clean the boot the best you can. We suggest a soft washcloth to rub away any tough stains around the bottom of the shoe.If you have scuffs on your shoes just dip the washcloth into warm water then into baking soda. Make sure that you are careful if the shoes are leather as water may damage the material. Allow the boot to dry. 

Secondly you will want to make sure to give your boots a proper protective layer. Make sure to treat or spray with a waterproof protective coating so that it can prevent furthermore stains or damages. 

When storing your shoes to dry make sure that they are in a warm area but keep them away from direct heat. Too much heat can be damaging to leather and can cause the leather to crack or dry up. 

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