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How to Care for Cowboy Boots

Posted by Malia on

We have a few helpful tips to keep your boots looking great no matter what you put them through! We have four main rules that we will stick to throughout. Those are 1. Clean 2. Condition 3. Polish 4. Protect

1. Clean: Use a boot brush to remove dirt from the leather. This is one of the most important steps as dirt and sand can      cause the boots to break down faster. This should be done every time the shoes are worn. 

2. Condition: This is required to keep the boots soft and supple. There can be different conditioners for different leathers       so make sure that it is intended for the leather that you are using.

3. Polish: This helps to keep boots healthy looking and shiny. You will apply this in a thin even layer with a dry cloth all         over the boot. Male sure to match the color of polish with the color of your boot or to use a neutral color. You will not         want to polish suede or distressed leather

4. Protect: Finally, this step helps to protect from the snow and rain. You will want to apply a water and stain protector to      the boots. Let them dry and apply a second coat. 

You look your best when your boots are looking their best so follow these simple steps for great looking boots all year long!