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5 Ways to Wear Western Boots this Summer

Posted by Malia on

I will admit that there was a time when I believed that boots were just a winter style that could only be worn with thick insulation. Warm boots are always wonderful but with the warm weather this year a new style emerges that you can find at any country concert, summer party, and even on a night out. Western Boots have become a popular fashion statement that is sweeping the nation and is now a summer staple. We have a list of ten creative ways to have fun in the sun in style.

1.  Tall Boots with a Sundress

One of the easiest ways to rock out a cute pair of boots all year is to wear them with a sundress out for a date or a night out. These gives you a simple look while still cute and fun for any occasion.

2. Western Boots with Shorts

Another easy style that can be worn anywhere. This is simple and cute while showing off your long tan legs. This look is great for a country concert hanging out with friends.


3. Wear Boots with a Wedding Dress

We have a great selection of boots that can add a fun twist to any wedding. On your big day it is important that you are comfortable and that you are representing yourself and your roots. We offer a selection of chic rustic boots for any wedding party.

4. Western Boots with Leggings

Oh leggings how we love you so. They are the perfect comfort go to and are perfect for a cool night around a bonfire or a shopping trip. Western boots can help add a special touch to your outfit that separates you and allows you to stand out in a stylish way while keeping comfort in mind. 

5. Boots Work with any Outfit

Heck who are we to tell you when you can and can't wear boots. We say you can rock a cute pair of boots with anything! Finding a pair of boots you love gives you confidence which is never out of style. Make sure to checkout our wide selection of boots at and tag us or share a picture of you rocking your boots with style this year.